Tony Starks Strikes Back: Ghosftace Killah Sues Universal Music, Fights “Ironman” Lawsuit

08.12.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Ghostface and his team of suits aren’t looking to lay back and accept any L’s on the legal front. On Wednesday, the rapper filed suit against Universal regarding unpaid Wu-Tang Clan royalties. According to Billboard, The rapper claims that “UMG only holds a 25% stake in Wu Tang Clan songs, not a 50% copyright interest as has been asserted” and Ghost’s suing to recover royalties withheld.

While making the courthouse rounds, Starks’ legal team also filed a motion to have dismissed the previously mentioned Supreme Clientele lawsuit by “Iron Man” music creator Jack Urbont. Ghost’s lawyers are seeking dismissal on the grounds that the album came out 11 years ago and contend Urbont’s suit violates statute of limitations.


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