The iPod Shuffle: Too $hort’s “Just Another Day”

09.21.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Anyone else think Too $hort was intentionally trying to trump Cube’s theme from “Today Was A Good Day” with this track?

For instance, O’Shea was famously “freaking aggins every way like MJ” on the court,” playing pick-up ball with his homies. Well, Too $hort wasn’t even breaking a sweat, playing NBA Jam with Gary Payton. When Cube finally hit his high school sweetheart, $hort was flying to Atlanta for the damn Freaknik. Then there’s Doughboy, leaving his friend’s house paid from throwing some dice, as the Bay Area MC simply looked at his crew stupid for asking him to gamble. While all of those instances of one-upmanship appear obvious when pointed out, the most glaring offense might be the titles of the songs themselves.

Think about it; Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” is insinuating 24 pleasant hours in a row are rare in his world. On the other hand, jet-setting across the country and living like a pimped-out Richard Branson is “Just Another Day” for Too $hort. Plus, when you consider Cube’s best day ever came from his ’92 album Predator – a year earlier than $hort’s Get It In Where You Fit In, this throwback conspiracy theory could actually be possible.

Then again, maybe I’m just digging too deep. Regardless, it’s still somewhat cool to think competitive spirit might have stirred the typically one-dimensional Too $hort into elaborating for one of his would-be greatest hits.

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