10 Raunchy Pimp C Lyrics That Will Make Your Momma Faint

12.29.11 6 years ago 30 Comments

The Pimp always spoke his mind, and didn’t care how you felt about it, or the consequences. Given his propensity to say exactly what he meant, at any time, and his oversized personality, some really wild couplets are littered throughout his vast discography of features, solo releases and, of course, classic material as one half of UGK. While there’s only a mere 10 entries, I could have gone on forever listing Pimp C’s most outlandish lines.

Happy Birthday, Chad Butler. Your tongue was as trill as they come.

1. David Banner Feat. UGK & Kandi Burruss – “Suicide Doors”“My uzi weigh a ton/I bought a necklace for my dick/And my nuts got a Myspace page/Hoes hit my balls 25,000 a day/BITCH!”

2. UGK – “Something Good”“I fucked her doggystyle and the bitch just threw me/Turned me on my stomach, started lickin’ on my booty/Now everybody in the hood know/that your sister lick a booty real good!”

3. UGK – “Something Good”“Don’t it feel funny when you go down to eat her/knowing that you suckin’ on another nigga’s peter/And when ya get a kiss/do ya feel bliss?/Knowin’ that you swallowed all that semen and that piss?”

4. UGK – “I’m So Bad”“Cause that shit you selling ain’t gon’ never be sold/So bitch just fuck what ya talkin’/Just suck my dick or you can start to walkin’/Cause you’re fine, but your face gotta go/That’s why we rode down the motherfuckin’ backstreets, ya ugly ass ho/Fuck you ol’ country ass hick/Cause I’m so bad, I can suck my own motherfuckin’ dick.”

5. Lil Boosie Feat. Webbie & Pimp C – “Swerve 2”“Paper stackin’/dirty mackin’/stuntin’ is my job/hoes eat my dick like it’s corn on the cob…”

6. UGK – “She Luv It”“Show me what you working with, bitch what ya got?/I really wanted to fuck, but hoe you went and shaved your cot/A bald head pussy ain’t shit/Got them razor bumps bitch/Grow some hair and get legit.”

7. UGK – “Let Me See It”“Got a young brown stallion and she 20 years old/When she pop it from the back you see that hairy asshole.”

8. Pimp C – “I’m A Hustler”“About gettin’ on the corner for your daddy/What love got to do with it?/I’m in the Caddy/I got a yellow ass ho that’ll suck you up/That’ll blow in yo’ butt ain’t scared to fuck/And she’ll bend over take it like a G/Because you know the bitch down with Pimp C.”

9. C-Murder Feat. Master P & UGK -“Akickdoe!”“Your bitch love me when I come to your city/take my d!ck out her pussy and bust my nuts on her titties, uh!”

10. Pimp C – “The Honey”“Young girls poppin’ cot out in Alabama/I seen it all from the pimps and the tricks/The real live boys, opening the pussy stores.”

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