MMG Owes Torch & Gunplay An Apology For This “Drive By” Video

12.11.13 4 years ago 13 Comments


A serious pet peeve of mine happens when people make it their business to live in another’s pocket book. In most cases, at least. But I’m about to do it anyway.

What we have here is a failure to communicate (or perpetrate). Maybach Music Group, by most calculations, is a massively successful record label. They have plaques proving their legitimacy, along with hit records, popular artists and endorsements oozing out of a camp led by one of the most recognizable faces in rap with Rick Ross. It’s also a label that often shows no reservations with flaunting its abundance of wealth with exotic whips, exotic women and exotic lifestyles.

So why in the Sam Hill would anyone okay this “Drive By” video with Torch and Gunplay? Look, I get that the two aren’t exactly the most exquisite cash cows currently collecting benefits under the Maybach umbrella. But Torch and Gunplay are two of the founding members of Triple C’s, the conglomerate which existed long before MMG. And this is how they’re repaid?

With a damn white screen? Some accountant couldn’t have cut the check to allow something better than this? Not to advocate violence in the least bit, but there couldn’t have been one car? Hell, a moped, even. Double hell, one scene? No random video vixen sitting in the backseat loading the chopper?

Most current rap videos make about as much sense as Sarah Palin discussing the plight of Black America. But this is an abomination of mythical proportions. Ok, not “mythical proportions,” but from my comfy armchair A&R executive suite (translation: computer chair), Torch and ‘Play have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, had and heisted. “Drive By” is an embarrassment for terrible rap videos. Unless this was all their idea and I’ll graciously treat myself to a slice of humble pie.

To recap, I’m not claiming have insight on MMG’s books. They put out a video they wanted to have circulation on the Internet – something well within their right. I took the bait and here we are right now. Ross, give the OG’s a better look than this. Better yet, unleash the details on Gunplay’s solo album.

**sees the very end of the video**

Oh, the “official video” is coming soon? And I just totally jumped to conclusions? Hmm, well, this is awkward. In that case, forget the previous 350+ words and enjoy the music stylings of Gunplay and Torch! Be sure to scoop Torch’s Remember When EP next month!

We’ll still take that Gunplay solo album though.

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