Toro Y Moi Debuts New Track “Rose Quartz” At Lollapalooza

08.07.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Chazwick Bundick, the man behind South Carolinian chillwavers Toro Y Moi, opened up a fresh can of funk at Lollapalooza when he debuted “Rose Quartz” for the Chicago crowd.Bedecked in an off-white ensemble to beat the Midwestern heat, Bundick jammed and grooved to the infectious bassline and loopy vocal samples. He bleated out “I feel weak” through the cut’s entirety, as drums and synth riffs bubbled into a groovy beat that should have made listeners anything but lethargic.

“Rose Quartz” joined four other new Toro Y Moi tracks that debuted at the three-day festival, but there’s no word yet on what project–if any–on which these will appear. Until then, lace up those dancing shoes. Chaz is back.

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