Trackstar The DJ & Nick Menn – Goon Road Sampler

03.18.14 4 years ago

Trackstar The DJ Nick Menn - Goon Road Sampler

If you were at A3C or SXSW you may have spotted an all-black RV roaming the streets with some wild boys from East Saint Louis hanging out the windows with mics in hands, spitting rapid-fire drive-by flows and occasionally stopping for an impromptu performance in the middle of the street. That was Doorway, and smart money says their music will be heard coming out of the windows of RVs everywhere before too long.

Leading off their attack is Nick Menn (whose Killer Mike-assisted “Necessary” and “Line Them Up” featuring STL favorites Tef Poe and Rockwell Knuckles have been featured here) with Goon Road, a project made up of three connected six song EPs.

Inspired by experiences growing up as a struggling musician in an area consumed by drug abuse, the tracks range from haunting to celebratory as Nick raps his way through the ups and downs of his lifestyle, featuring appearances by his Doorway compatriots RT-FaQ, SD and L-Gifted, among others.

The album’s first two volumes have been released with the third coming soon (grab the first two here). Since that’s a lot to keep track of for fans discovering a new artist, I put together a sampler mix, distilling some of the strongest moments into a concise 27 minute package.

Trackstar The DJ Nick Menn Goon Road Sampler Tracklist

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