Farewell, StL…

11.08.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Allow this space for Trackstar to tell his own story…

I’m leaving St Louis next week after ten years, headed for sunny San Diego for at least the winter. Past that it’s up in the air, but I’m going to enjoy one decent holiday season after 28 freezing winters. To commemorate the occasion, and to show love to my adopted hometown, I wanted to unleash The One Dollar Mix Volume 4 upon the online world. Originally dropped in March 2005, and never available for download before now, it still stands as my favorite project of the 70 or so I’ve done.

I came in the game with no name, so I charged a mere dollar for my first few mixtapes. Same price as a single cigarillo. A tip on a beer. I thought St. Louisians could surely spare a dollar to see what I’ve got to offer the mixtape game… I started mixing local and well known hip hop, but soon decided I wanted to focus on promoting all the dope artists I was meeting. Volume 3 had 14 St. Louis MCs doing their thing, all exclusively recorded for the project. For Volume 4 I wanted to take the idea to the next level.

The concept was simple: 50 MCs, 50 different beats, all recorded at Mansion Studios and blended seamlessly. The execution…well, if you’ve ever dealt with rappers and their schedules, you feel my pain. I spent enough time in those two months just waiting on tardy MCs to write a sequel to KRS-One’s Hip-Hop Bible.

But the final product is probably as big a source of pride as I have on this earth. 50 St. Louis MCs, from every side of the Hip-Hop spectrum–conscious, gangster, black, white, male, female, OGs in the scene to students I worked with at a local high school–and damn near all of them quite dope, all in one cohesive package. As close as you can humanly get to uniting the fragmented Hip-Hop scene we have here…

Anyways, some names you’ll recognize (Black Spade, Rockwell Knuckles, Wafeek, Vandalyzm, Tef Poe, Nato Caliph, Gotta Be Karim). Many of them, you won’t. But I guarantee you’ll have a greater appreciation for what the Hip-Hop we have to offer here in St Louis.

Download — Trackstar The DJ Presents The One Dollar Mix Vol. 4

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