Trackstar For President

06.06.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Pic By Peace.Images

It looks like political season around this mickey fickey. We’ve got you voting for L. in one post, then flip the page and we’re campaigning for Trackstar The DJ in the next. It’s not like we can help it that both of these individuals are already winners in their own right; it was predetermined by the stars. Thankfully, we’ve all aligned under the TSS solar system.

Yada yada ya. Vote for Trackstar in the St. Louis Music Awards.

As you can see below, there aren’t too many deejays puttin’ in work like our favorite StLien & he has no intentions of slowing down. Watch for his feature on Respect My Fresh On The Afromentals Mixshow, airing Sunday night 8pm EST.

Download — Trackstar The DJ Presents The Guest Chamber

Download — Trackstar The DJ & TSS Present Joe Budden – Pride & Paranoia

Download — TSS & Trackstar The DJ Present Rockwell Knuckles – The Glow

Download — Trackstar The DJ Presents Boogie Bang 18 (Hosted By Phonte Of Little Brother)

Download — Trackstar The DJ & The Smoking Section Present Royce 5?9? – Growth & Patience: The Best Of Royce Volume I

Download — The Smoking Section & Trackstar the DJ Present Wafeek – The Artistocrats Mixtape

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