“True Confessions…”

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Somewhere in the heavens, Luther Vandross is perched upon a velvet footstool, tears trickling from his eyes while Baby Jesus pats him on the shoulder to comfort him. At least that’s what I envision as I listen to Drumma Boy’s godawful “Never Too Much” remix featuring Gucci, Jewman, Yung Joc & the 3-6 dudes. You must be mistaken if you think everything So Icey or even Southern gets a pass around here because it doesn’t. Were I not a merciful person, this shit right here might get the artists listed above banished for a few weeks. A traveshamockery if there ever was one.

However in my heart of hearts, I know that Big Luther knew the words to Trag’s “True Confessions,” which borrows & reworks the chorus from “Never Too Much.”

Exotically, I hold gats, Melodically bust raps, Part of me lusts for Ac’s with the wings in the back…”


I can remember when this dropped on one of those early Cluemanatti tapes. It was around the time when CNN were making their initial splash on the scene & Trag’s relevance was on the rise again. Yet if there’s ever one artist who was cursed by the Queensbridge curse (he’s so lyrically dense & wrapped up in his own slang that he forgets the listener), it’s the Intelligent Hoodlum. That & his frequent trips to the penal system put a monkey wrench on his progress. Damn shame.

Hell, I think he’s in jail now for getting beat up by somebody ain’t he?

A1 Allumaniti (Radio) (3:52)
A2 Allumaniti (Street) (3:52)
A3 True Confessions (Radio) (4:03)
A4 True Confessions (Street) (4:22)
A5 True Confessions (Instrumental) (4:22)
B1 Tony Touch Freestyle (Radio) (2:55)
B2 Tony Touch Freestyle (Street) (2:56)
B3 DJ Clue? Freestyle (Radio) (6:19)
B4 914 Freestyle (Street) (2:59)

Download — Tragedy Khadafi Featuring Imam T.H.U.G. -The Iron Sheiks EP [12″] (1997)

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