Science Says Women With Tramp Stamps Are, Well, Tramps

05.24.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Another day, another study. This time French scientists from Université de Bretagne-Sud conducted research to answer the burning question: Are women with tattoos more likely to sleep with you on the first date? The answer is yes. And if you want your chances to be even greater, science suggests to specifically seek out women with butterfly tattoos. Yeah, because nothing says “whore!” than a free flying creature.

The second part of the experiment surveyed 440 men with a median age of 22.3, asking them if they believed they had a chance with the women, and if they thought they would have sex on the first date. Scientists found their responses to meet their theory: men thought the girls with the butterfly tattoos would agree to a date and would be easier to bed afterwards.

The researchers concluded: “Men see (tattoos) as an advertisement of heightened sexual intent and/or receptivity.”

Read the rest of the story at New York Post.

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