Travis Porter Feat. Mike Posner – “That Feeling” Video

09.24.12 5 years ago

“All I wanna do is take all my niggas to Vegas
Buy a pound of weed, smoke it, get them niggas faded
Yeah, and buy some liquor man we gon’ get wasted
Poppin’ bottles on them hoes and tell ’em bitch we made it!”

No one’s ever going to confused Ali, Quez and Strap for the next coming of Big Boi and Dre, but the above lyrics do represent the desire we’ve all had at one point in our lives. Having been awhile since Travis Porter’s most recent project, From Day 1, came across any of our minds, the trio cop a rental and meet Mike Posner in Sin City to toast to accomplishments and celebrate what we’ve achieved – whether it be that job promotion you’ve been waiting on or, if applicable, an actual Super Bowl ring.

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