Travis Porter – “Wobble” Video

12.31.12 4 years ago

I was recently reunited with my Travis Porter CD after I had left it in my mother’s car months ago. As one of the few consumers who still purchase physical compact discs, I’m sure you can imagine the disappointment I felt after opening up the From Day 1 case to find Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Willy And The Poor Boys in place of the bouncing, twerking rap music I so love to start my day with. But where did I find my CD, you ask? Oh, in my mom’s car stereo.

One of my favorites on From Day 1, “Wobble” features the trio bouncing around, looking like they’re having the time of their life. Since Travis Porter is Travis Porter, there is plenty of wobbling throughout. I would really like to have as much gleeful, unrestrained enjoyment as these gentlemen do in my own life, but I’m cool with having their CD back in my car for now.

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