Tre Luce Drops His Atlanta Mini-Doc “The Return”

04.25.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Turning a two minute song, “The Return,” into a five minute mini-documentary on the changes Atlanta has seen in the past twenty years, Tre Luce adds his stream-of-consciousness flow to the end of a well-shot series of interviews with Rico Wade and others discussing the effects of the 1996 Olympics, gentrification and the progress (or lack thereof) on the embattled west side. A solemn piano loop sets the tone, while the always reliable Scar sings the hook on the track, which serves as the intro to last year’s The Return of the A.

Despite the relative short length of the video, director Artemus Jenkins’ imagery and the testimonials he captured provide another great perspective on life in Georgia’s capital. For further study, check the homie Maurice Garland’s dissection of the new Atlanta over at Fink Mag.

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