“We From Petersburg, Virginia…”

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For what it’s worth right now, Trey Songz may be the premiere name in mainstream male R&B. That may be a good or bad thing depending who’s asked. One thing is for certain, though: his grind has been a slow-cooked recipe for success. Kevin Liles assuming control of Trey’s career may be the best professional move for any artist in quite some time. There truly are “no ceilings” to the heights the native of Petersburg, Virginia can climb.

But it wasn’t always like that. Tremaine’s rise to stardom was slightly different than those of his rhythm and blues counterparts. His presence on the mixtape circuit with his covers, freestyles and remixes always afforded him that unspoken “credibility” in the hip-hop world many don’t receive. The fact he made it out of Petersburg- which is saying a lot- is a story in itself. During the early stages of his professional life, Songz chased the money, cars, clothes and hoes (I suppose), but also kept 10 toes down when it came to his group, The 804 Boyz.

Consisting of himself, Fynch Money Bagz, Mumeet Daddy and G.O., the quartet would go on to record a slew of songs together. Their Up South mixtape with DJ Smallz in 2006 even garnered the group a minor buzz. One track in particular, “Stackin’ My Paper,” even became a local favorite. However, due to legal trouble from other group members (Mumeet receiving years in the feds), the group was effectively placed on hold.

Getting money, smoking good and staying true to “the 804” were the foursome’s founding principles. This Scarface-inspired creation highlights those three virtues. As unbelievable as it may sound, this track (and more-so tape) was a big deal to an area that had never witnessed homegrown talent making moves on a national scene prior to this. Unfortunately, due to a list of personal problems, it never expanded beyond that.


Download — The 804 Boyz – “Stackin’ My Paper”

Download — DJ Smallz & Trey Songz – Up South: The 804 Boyz

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