Tracklistings: Trinidad Jame$’ ’10 PC Mild’ Mixtape

08.10.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Trinidad James 10 PC Mild

Trinidad Jame$ looks to follow up the wild success of Don’t Be S.A.F.E. and its breakout hit “All Gold Everything” with his next project. Titled 10 PC Mild, the project’s set to release on Tuesday, August 13 and will have many people’s attention to see if Trinidad’s a sure thing or a one-and-done act. At a solid 10 songs, the surprise may be that there are no features, which would probably distract from the Atlanta artist’s goal of having listeners “start at 1 and of it’s good you will make it to 10.”

While currently on Wiz’s “Under Tha Influence” tour, Jame$ stops in NYC for a colorful, candid chat* in the park with Miss Info. Trinidad speaks on settling any differences he may have had with Joey BadA$$, people’s perceptions of him and giving Drake a style makeover. The last part is in jest as T. Jame$ asks that listeners listen and judge by the music made, not the images portrayed.

Trindad James 10 PC Mild Tracklist

* – The color-coordination of the outfits, though probably not on purpose, is impeccable.

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