Trinidad Jame$ – “L.I.A.A.R.$. (“Lame$ is Alway$ Acting Real…..$ure)”

11.14.13 4 years ago 19 Comments


Kendrick Lamar is to Greg The Barber, as the New York City Hip-Hop scene is to Suge Knight. Once the nappy-headed Compton King landed his haymaker of a verse on “Control” a few months back, it seems that others have begun to sense weakness in the city who birthed the genre that means so much to us all.

Atlanta’s Trinidad Jame$ first stirred up controversy with his commentary on the NY Hip-Hop scene during his show in Brooklyn Tuesday night. He then took to Twitter yesterday with more pointed remarks that poured gasoline on an already roaring blaze. Now, with his latest track “L.I.A.A.R.$,” it appears that the “All Gold Everything” is not backtracking, but digging in his heels in the face of loud dissent.

With rappers seemingly apologizing every few minutes to appease their various political connects, it’s nice to see someone take a stand. The track starts strong (including some harsh words directed at Charlamagne Tha God), but meanders and peters out toward the end. Still, you can say what you want about Trinidad Jame$, but you can’t say he doesn’t have a backbone. Even with Maino’s Thunderclap Hand of God™ casting a shadow over his entire existence, T. Jame$ ain’t sweating.

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