Trouble – “I Can’t” Video

11.15.11 6 years ago

You probably thought Trouble was just this loose cannon who popped off at every opportunity, didn’t you? Well, you’re wrong because he’s also a guy whose ol’ lady did him wrong and his only outlet to vent was through the Chase N. Cashe produced record “I Can’t.” When Gotty forwarded the e-mail saying the Whiteboy D-directed clip shows “a different side of Trouble, that’s for sure,” turns out he wasn’t lying. The theme of the visual centers around the lyrics; his girlfriend was scandalous creeping behind his back with another dude leaving the DTE Capo to kick her out of his house with the bag she moved in with. Buddy even sheds some tears thus confirming 2Pac’s declaration that thugs get lonely too.

Trouble should go ahead and grab Drake for the remix. No one does that heartbreak rap like the Jewish Canadian.

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