Trouble Has Some “Questions” For Hip-Hop

05.17.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

“Whatever happened to Kuntry King, ain’t sh*t he laughin’ at/His song was the baddest bitch, Alfamega the biggest snitch/I feel like Tip woulda been better reppin’ this Duct Tape sh*t…”

Whew, lawd. Call the coroner. Trouble smashed this one.

December 17th has been on repeat for a weeks now and the forecast does not stand to see much of a change in the coming months. “Questions,” a raw and honest insight into the mind of the newly freed Duct Tape war vet, was billed as “controversial” mainly due to the fact he asks questions we’ve all pondered at some point or another. I’ve long inquired what the hell exactly happened to The Shop Boyz, of “Party Like A Rockstar” fame, or what Drama (the rapper, not the DJ) is up to these days. Without giving away too much of the track for those who are foreign to its sheer ferocity, Trouble illustrates the unabridged 411 on said questions plus much, much more behind the clear-cut direction of Decatur Dan. It must be said that quiet as kept Alley Boy and Trouble present a dope 1-2 punch for the Atlanta-based label.

And since we’re on the topic of questions, I have two of my own. Whatever happened to The GS Boyz and Fast Life Yungstaz? That “Stanky Leg” money had to have dried up by now and “Swag Surfin'” was never the same once Wayne toe tagged it.

DownloadTrouble x The Empire – December 17th Mixtape

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