Trouble – “Richer P*ssy” Video

10.20.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

A lot of people see money as validation. In reality, coincidentally, it’s often used as a facade to hide deficiencies that were there since birth. See, I’m calm when addressing the subject of money and people’s personalities. Trouble, however, is far from it. The Duct Tape live wire let loose of his “Richer Pussy” video to address every rapper out there who cashes one check and creates an entirely new image for themselves. And while he chooses not to mention names lyrically, images of artists like Plies, Yung LA and more all make cameos. That leaves me to wonder. Pending you were said artist who ended up on the wrong side of this visual, how exactly do you react? Maybe not Wayne because he’s in a stratosphere all his own, but say you’re Plies. You’re not doing anything except embarrassing yourself on Twitter and releasing the occasional song with an outrageous title.

Music isn’t really popping for you anymore and women stopped calling themselves “Bust It Babies” three years ago. Well, at least the ones with a credit score above 450 did. Do you respond to Trouble (who keep in mind is more relevant musically at the moment)? I say not because while rap is all entertainment at the end of the day, something tells me at least one dude in that Duct Tape camp has a screw loose. He doesn’t rap. He doesn’t smile. Hell, he probably doesn’t even talk. He’s just there for situations like this.

Download — Trouble – Green Light Mixtape

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