Troy Ave Doubles Down On Capital Steez Diss As Rap Fans Blast Rapper For Going Too Far

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03.01.16 30 Comments
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It doesn’t look like Troy Ave will be taking back the extremely disrespectful Capital Steez verse on his Joey Bada$$ diss song, “Bad Ass.” The New York local rhymer made light of the Pro Era emcee’s 2012 suicide by claiming Steez was “burning in hell” for taking his life, and some other stuff I still can’t believe was given the green light. Rather than retreating in shame from the initial backlash, Troy double downed on his diss Monday night with an equally disrespectful Instagram post.

“When your homies kill theyself they suckas forever,” Troy ignorantly posted on the ‘Gram late last night. “It speaks to ya character and the company you keep. Weirdo $hit hell fire! NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE, YA’LL. It’s not the answer, GOD is Great! #RealVsFake.” The rapper doesn’t give a damn about the backlash either, adding, “When weirdos jump in ya comments but you understand that their only outlet is online and you’ll never see them on the streets.”

Still, both the song and Instagram post sent rap fans torching the 30-year-old rapper for taking things too far, and, frankly, being an idiot.

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