Troy Ave Goes Scorched Earth On His Joey Bada$$ Diss, ‘Bad Ass’

02.29.16 2 years ago 11 Comments

War terminology is used frequently when discussing in hip-hop battles. Winning is paramount and almost nothing is off limits. Well, even war has the Geneva Convention, and there are lines that most modern powers don’t cross. Troy Ave went with the nuclear option on his Joey Bad$$ diss “Bad Ass.”

Following Bada$$’s new track “Ready,” which dropped last week and included a jab at Troy Ave, the BSB head honcho hinted at a response. What he didn’t hint at was the dark turn his response would take.

“Bad Ass” starts off as a run of the mill diss, with Ave following Drake’s formula of using radio and club friendly production to ensure maximum damage, hoping his competition might potentially have to hear it while on a night out with friends. He goes about the business of attempting to draw a line between his definitions of real and fake, backpackers and hustlers, drug addicts and drug dealers. However, the track takes a dark turn in the second verse when Ave takes several shots at fallen Pro Era emcee and Bada$$’s close friend Capital Steez who took his own life in 2012.

Don’t get suicidal like your friend
It’s a casket
Steez burning in hell
My burners on my belt
I’m really killing sh*t
You n*ggas killing yourself
F*cking weirdos
Off the roof, ‘Steer clear yo!
This n*gga tryna fly, he think he a superhero’
Splat, man
F*ck you and that man
And all three labels you signed to, they wack man

Going after a dead man strikes me as a bit of a low blow, but some would say all’s fair in love and war. Of course, this isn’t war. This is hip-hop. The only casualties should be pride, or at worst a career. Either way, I don’t expect Jozi Badmon to take this one lying down.

He’s already made it clear that he’s heard Ave’s track.

The next move is his.

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