Tryezz – “Timelapse”

04.25.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

Sometimes a good, old-fashioned jam session is all you need to unwind yourself from the tired 3:30 song format. You won’t have to look much farther for a fix since Tryezz has you covered with “Timelapse” The six-plus minute romp is deeply entrenched in the funk. Throwback synths, pads, a dope bassline and pulsating kick drums take little time to get you fully in the groove. Give it a go and you’ll learn soon enough.

“Timelapse” isn’t the beginning and the end of Tryezz’s bouncy sound. Atmospheres: Art of Scenic Groove holds more goodness which you can sample and cop if you’re up to its ’80s/’90s-influenced vibes.

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