TSS 2010 March Madness Preview: Second Round – Day Two

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Between SXSW, this great weather most of country is experiencing and the NCAA Tournament, there haven’t been many complaints around the TSS headquarters. Sunday’s games represent the end of the first weekend of the tournament and a return to “real life.” At least until the games start back up next Thursday. By the stroke of midnight tonight, the Sweet 16 will be set in stone. Enough of the intros though, we all know the deal around here. Less talking, more predicting.

(4) Maryland Vs. (5) Michigan State

You already know the media is going to love this match up, based off the future Hall of Fame coaches alone (Gary Williams & Tom Izzo). Where many didn’t have Michigan State advancing past the first round, they’re one good game away from the field of 16 and a magical run away from their sixth Final Four in 12 years. They’ve got to get past the Terps first, however. If the Spartans can keep the magic going from the free throw stripe (they were 27-29 in their opening round win against #12 New Mexico State) and play sound defense, they will win. But Maryland is no pushover. They’ve got a blossoming big man in Jordan Williams and a senior leader in Greivis Vasquez leading the charge. This game could come down to the last shot.

J. TinsleyMaryland

MZ | Patrick M. | Jason H.Michigan State

(1) Syracuse Vs. (8) Gonzaga

J. Tinsley | MZ | Jason H. | Patrick M.Syracuse

(4) Wisconsin Vs. (12) Cornell

Patrick M.Wisconsin

J. Tinsley | MZ | Jason H.Cornell

(2) West Virginia Vs. (10) Missouri

J. Tinsley | MZ | Jason H. | Patrick M.WVU

(1) Duke Vs. (8) California

There isn’t a team in the tournament which ignites more hatred than Coach K’s boys. What is undeniable is the fact their big three (Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith and John Scheyer) are the top scoring trio in the country. All average over 17 points per game and have experience to boot. With Villinova losing, Duke’s potential road to the Final Four got a lot easier, but their recent track record in the tournament hasn’t exactly been squeaky clean. If Theo Robertson and Cal can force someone other than the “big three” to score, rebound and knock down open shots, Duke could be the second #1 seed to head back to campus empty handed.

MZ | Jason H.Duke

J. Tinsley | Patrick M.California

(2) Ohio State Vs. (10) Georgia Tech

J. Tinsley | MZ | Jason H. | Patrick M.Ohio State

(3) Pittsburgh Vs. (6) Xavier

Jason H.Pittsburgh

J. Tinsley | MZ | Patrick M.Xavier

(4) Purdue Vs. (5) Texas A&M

Patrick M.Purdue

J. Tinsley | MZ | Jason H.Texas A&M

Catch us back here next week. Same time. Same place. Same Fresh.

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