TSS 2010 March Madness Preview: The National Championship

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Let’s face it, you probably forgot the NCAA final game was tonight. We certainly did. Sure, Opening Day and the Man taking control of our souls on a Monday had something to do with it. But mostly we just wanted to move on from the horror that has been our selection skills.

However, with one of the most memorable March Madnesses in recent history about to come to a close, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give our picks for the final game. By now, you should be familiar with the main players. Representing Hickory High, Coach Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward look to lead the Bulldogs to the promised land, with a home crowd rooting them on. Representing South Bend Central are Coach K and his clan of crew cut robotic basketball drones, trained in the fundamental arts of pick setting, bounce passes, three pointers and general on-court doucebaggery.

Who will hoist the trophy tonight in Indianapolis? Well, just read below to find out.

Duke – they were the one #1 seed many expected to sent packing by the end of the first weekend. Call it a favorable draw, luck or guidance from Dr. James Naismith himself, but the Blue Devils find themselves 40 minutes away from their fourth national title. They’re heavy favorites and for good reason. Coach K’s bunch is shooting the ball well and playing even better defense. If the experts are right, Duke’s size in the post will be the deciding factor with Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas proving to be too much. But, as a great man once said (Chris Berman), this is why we play the game.

Butler is the most improbable title contender since ‘Nova in 1985 when they shocked the world by beating then-powerhouse Georgetown. No one really expects the “mid-major” from Indiana to actually win, but lest we forget, B.U. touts the nation’s longest winning streak at 25 straight. And the last three have come against Syracuse, Kansas State and Michigan State. This means the last thing this team is lacking is confidence. To win, the Bulldogs must crash the boards and knock down open shots. Sounds simple, but this is the biggest stage in college basketball. Nothing is guaranteed.

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