TSS Does The NASCAR Brickyard 400 Again!

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Brickyard 400

When the good folks at Taylor and Crown Royal approached us last year about taking a trip to NASCAR’s Brickyard 400, I have to admit we were a little confused. What the hell would TSS have to do at a NASCAR event? It didn’t take long to find the answer: have a great freaking weekend. Seriously, my weekend in Indy was one of the most fun few days ever.

A year later, we’re back at it and ready for another trip to the Brickyard this weekend. And again, we have a scavenger hunt coming where TSS and readers can win some cool prizes. If you do recall, it was thanks to last year’s scavenger hunt that I was able to nab a sweet trip to the NBA All-Star Game.

Lemme jog your memory as to how it goes: I’ll be teaming up with a few other Internet personalities as part of a scavenger hunt to win a few prizes and money for charity. So stay tuned here at TSS and follow me at @DaviddTSS so you can help my team win, guide me through all the chaos events and suggest some of the best hangout in Indy.

As always, this event is about more than just the race. Every year, Crown picks a hero to name the race after and this year is a really inspiring story:

Our “Your Hero’s Name Here” winner and race namesake is Gunnery Sergeant Samuel Deeds of Independence, Ky. Deeds is a retired Marine whose selfless actions saved the lives of many fellow Marines in Iraq. During his deployment in 2005, Deeds came across an improvised explosive device (IED) while setting up a vehicle checkpoint on Khandari Market Road near Abu Ghraib Prison. When he saw two of his fellow marines approaching the area, Deeds exposed himself to the IED to warn them of danger. He was severely injured by the blast, undergoing 30+ surgeries and procedures since then, and has received awards which include a Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Purple Heart, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Combat Action Ribbon and Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. In 2008, Deeds’ heroic instinct again kicked in when his actions saved the lives of three individuals who were caught in a rip tide off the shore of North Carolina. Deeds has been a NASCAR fan his whole life and to have his name on Indianapolis Motor Speedway means the world to him.

Salute to Sergeant Deeds!

Anyway, stay tuned throughout the weekend as more updates and fun stories pop up from the Brickyard.

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