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We can’t possibly listen to all of the music out there.

We don’t need people to ramble like some of *cough*Gottyâ„¢*cough*.

What we need is more in the line of reviews. We don’t want Amazon type reviews but we don’t want “yo yo yo son this shit is hot! Cop it!” type bullshit either.

Instead, we’d prefer something like this what our constant prototype, regnyouth

Since our inception, cats have come to us for direction on what’s hot, why it’s hot, etc; what’s different but good & worth a listen etc. so while we can put all the emotion we want into it tyring to sell an artist/album, it’s that ability to be critical that gives them solid foundation to say “hey, aiight, let me give this a listen”.

We want a good mix of musical knowledge & personal opinion, kept in a concise, easy to read form.

Genres don’t matter. Anything that influences hip-hop as a culture, we’re about that…So be it jazz, reggae, rock, alternative, soca, R&B…you get the point.

Oh yeah…and you gotta be dedicated.

We post daily & update consistently to serve our readers.

We don’t get paid shit.

Not now anyways. Maybe never.

But we still do it.

If you think that’s you, let us know.

E-Street Team

To spread the word…put us in your sig in forums you visit, post this guerilla marketing shit on Myspace, Facebook, blase blah….

Subliminal messaging and word of mouth are wonderful things. Walk big, talk big…they’ll think you’re big.

We’re major!

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