TSS NBA Playoffs Review: The Conference Finals

06.01.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

And then there were two. Kobe vs. LeBron Dwight.  The Lakers vs. The Magic for the Larry O’Brien trophy.  Both teams won in convincing fashion to seal the deal.  You’d be hard pressed to find too many people who had this matchup a few weeks ago.  Shoot… Pat only had the Cavs not making it after consulting with Vivica, Ms. Cleo & Dionne Warwick about his beloved Celtics.  On the bright side David Stern & Phil Knight won’t have to hear conspiracy theories on the MVPuppets all summer long.

Once again the standings remained the same, as Pat holds onto a slim lead.  Everyone’s Here’s how everything broke down (Correct team – 1 point. Correct length – 1/2 point):

Patrick M. – 14 points

MZ – 12 1/2 points

S. Cadet – 12 1/2 points

Jesse H. – 10 1/2 points

Los Angeles Lakers In 6

S. Cadet — Lakers In 6* | Jesse H. — Lakers In 5 | Patrick M. — Lakers In 5 | MZ — Lakers In 6

Orlando Magic In 6

S. Cadet — Cavs In 6 | Jesse H. — Cavs In 5 | Patrick M. — Celtics In 6 | MZ — Cavs In 6

* — Numbers in bold denote a correct prediction in length of series.

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