TSS Needs Your Help To Win The #MintMutiny Challenge So We Can Go To A Horse Race!

05.02.14 3 years ago

Mint Mutiny_2

As many of you probably know, The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. To celebrate, the good folks at Captain Morgan have invited us to participate in the #MintMutiny challenge. Here’s how it works: all weekend I’ll be tweeting about the #MintMutiny on my Twitter, @DavidDTSS.

If you guys RT me enough, I’ll be able to take someone with me to either the Preakness or Belmont. Hey, I might take one of you! Kidding, I’ll take my wife. But you’ll enjoy knowing you got me off the cough for a weekend.

So, to recap: just RT me whenever you see me tweet #MintMutiny and we’ll be well on our way.

All weekend, I’ll be tweeting about the cocktail to that Mint Mutiny Captain Morgan sent over. Here’s the recipe:

Mint Mutiny
· crushed ice
· 1 teaspoon fresh mint, torn into pieces

· 1½ ounces Captain Morgan White Rum
· ½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
· ½ ounce Rose Water-infused Simple Syrup
· Club Soda
· Fresh mint, muddled
· 1 cucumber spear

Directions: Fill a julep glass with crushed ice. Add the Captain Morgan White Rum, lemon juice, Rose Simple Syrup, and then fill with club soda until the glass is almost full. Top the glass with a mound of more crushed ice and garnish with a cucumber spear and mint sprig.

You can also join in and pour up with me if you’d like.

Regardless, we’re going to have a blast. Chime in if you’ve put some bread on the race and we’ll see who won.

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