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Spoiler alert: Consequence’s Movies On Demand will go down as one of the best mixtapes of 2010. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for the novice rapper to go over-the-top in the mixtapes for that undeniable buzz but the more established rhymeslayers generally resort to just rapping over popular beats and calling it a day. Well, apparently someone failed to tell Consequence that the vets weren’t supposed to care as much because his recent project G.O.O.D. Music, Nah Right & Universal Motown Present Consequence Movies On Demand sports material that most record labels couldn’t laud on their artist’s retail albums.

Well a project of this elaboration couldn’t go without a breakdown any longer. Keeping it tune with the tape’s movie theme, Cons the Don gives his synapsis of the song’s contents — IMDB style. Get your popcorn ready.

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My ideal goal with making this CD was to set up the perfect platform for my forthcoming LP Cons TV. In doing so, I needed a title that would be a conversation piece in addition to making a NEW fan want to know more about Cons TV. After thinking it over and listening to the songs that were going on the CD, it came to me. When “Whatever U Want” was first released, I remember, DJ Enuff & DJ Envy were both making a movie out the single. The same thing was done with the remixes. That’s when the light bulb went off…

Movies On Demand

I’m going to make sure each song on this CD is a movie and that it’s a project that the fans will never FORGET!!! I’m a movie buff, so when I like a film I watch it several times because there’s always something new that you may have missed the first time you saw it. The songs on “Movies on Demand” are joints that will make fans listen to them over & over again. So from beginning to end, here are some of the movies, from Rocky to Blow to Gladiator, that I think of when I listen to each record off Movies On Demand.

01. “I’ma Do Me Regardless”

Actor: Consequence
Director: Lee Bannon
Genre: Drama/Punchline Rap
Tagline:A lion wouldn’t cheat but I know a Tiger would…

Plot: Cons the Don sets out to prove that nothing and no one will stop him from taking over the world!!!

This song is the opening track on Movies On Demand, and I intentionally made it #1 because I wanted to come out swinging. I wanted the fans to feel my hunger. So no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of me, “I’ma Do Me Regardless.” I definitely would say that this song relates to the movie Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone.

02. “Childish Games” (Co-Starring Asher Roth)

Cast: Consequence & Asher Roth
Director: Mr. Attic
Genre: Drama/Concept Rap
Tagline:Which made me decide like rock, paper, scissors.”

Plot: Cons & Asher show how games you learned as a kid relate to Adult situations.

With The Notorious B.I.G. sample saying “Why You Wanna Play Ya Games On Me,” this song reminds me of the movie 21 in which six students were taught how to play cards in order to do adult crimes.

03. “The More I Get” (Co-Starring Rick Ross)

Cast: Consequence & Rick Ross
Director(s): Statik Selektah & Consequence
Genre: Blaxploitation/Classic Soul
Tagline: “You sleepin’ on Cons then you need a NEW headboard”

Plot: Consequence & Rick Ross document how they came up in the game and their determination to get all that comes with success.

The beat alone makes me think of Shaft or many of the 70’s Blaxploitation films. One of my faves off M.O.D.

04. “Sounds G.O.O.D. 2 Me”
Cast: Consequence
Director: Statik Selektah
Genre: Action/Biography/Punchline Rap
Tagline:Have a baby by me, baby you might not get a Mil but I won’t do you the way that Roc-A-Fella did Amil

Plot: Quence sets out to represent G.O.O.D. Music to the fullest with this action-packed Anthem.

One of the movies I’ve watched hundreds of times is “Blow.” When I think of this song, I see the cut away shots that were used to depict the character George as he began to blow up. The chorus makes me think of when George and Diego had to put money in boxes because they had so much.

05. “Let U Live” (Co-Starring Pharoahe Monch)

Cast: Consequence & Pharoahe Monch
Director: Lee Bannon
Genre: Action/Adventure/Lyrical
Tagline(s): They can swab around your mouth but your still NO MATCH” & “My balls are Avatar, You can see’em in 3-D

Plot: Two lyrical warriors square off in a no-holds barred extravaganza.

“Let U Live” makes me think of the movie Gladiator as Pharoahe and I engage in lyrical combat. All the while, the chorus cuts in saying, ”I should just let you live.”

06. “Your Luck’s Gonna Run Out Soon”

Cast: Consequence
Director: Ed Roc
Genre: Crime/Storytelling Rap
Tagline: “Don’t make me spill the beans about these Rap Stars. Half of them be perpetrating like they Trap Stars”

Plot: The consequence of having a hand in the drug game.

Absolutely one of my favorite movies is Paid In Full which stars Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer & Cam’ron. This record mirrors this movie from beginning to end.

07. “Don’t Stand So Close” (Co-Starring Styles P & Tony Williams)

Cast: Consequence, Styles P & Tony Williams
Director(s): Statik Selektah & Consequence
Genre: Biography/Gangsta Rap
Tagline:The streets say I gotta sneeze cuz I’m next to BLOW!!!
Plot: Two friends soon become rivals when one’s reckless behavior threatens to bring down the other’s empire.

This song is the MOST cinematic of all the records on MOD. I feel like the soundscape of this record is reminiscent of Al Pacino’s Heat, but Styles P’s character is definitely Joe Pesci in Casino.

08. “Down This Road” (Co-Starring Maino)

Cast: Consequence & Maino
Director: Lee Bannon
Genre: Biography/Introspective Rap
Tagline:I’d rather be Up or Re-Up if it was up to me…”

Plot: Two drifters attempt to hitch a ride from the past to the future and encounter obstacles along the way.

I would compare “Down This Road” as a cross between Stand By Me starring River Phoenix and The Wizard of Oz because in both films the characters are on a mission to get to where they are going.

09. “Life Is Short”

Cast: Consequence
Director: Statik Selektah
Genre: Comedy/Storytelling Rap
Tagline: Back when Red & Meth had the Month Of The Man

Plot: A young Cons discovers that drugs & alcohol are taking a toll of his well being.

This song puts me in the zone of SuperBad where you see that alcohol ends up getting you into more drama than you expected.

10. “Didn’t Mean 2 Hurt You” (Co-Starring Spree Wilson)

Cast: Consequence & Spree Wilson
Director: Lee Bannon
Genre: Romance/Relationship Rap
Tagline(s):Now my Friday nights belong to Cherokee & Sinammon” & “I admit I’m not a Saint like Drew Brees
Plot: A conflicted Cons confesses his infidelities to a not-so-happy girlfriend.

I compare this song to a movie from the 80s titled Unfaithfully Yours. The title alone is exactly the theme of this record, not to mention that Dudley Moore plays a songwriter.

11. “It’s G.O.O.D. Music” (Co-Starring Common, Clinton Sparks & Talib Kweli)

Cast: Common, Clinton Sparks & Talib Kweli
Director: Clinton Sparks
Genre: Family/Conscious Rap
Tagline(s):The real nigga NEVER died, just aged in me,” “You can’t put a barcode on God’s property” & “You know when women & booze become your Rhythm & Blues…

Plot: Three good Samaritans attempt to change the attitude of a town through the power of their music.

This song has always given me the vibe of the movie Soul Food. It puts me in a “family place,” and I think that’s why a lot people like it.

12. “We Fight/We Love Remix” (Co-starring Q-Tip & Kanye West)

Cast: Consequence, Q-Tip & Kanye West
Director: Q-Tip
Genre: Drama / Relationship Rap
Tagline:I got her punching at the screen like she’s playing the Wii…

Plot: Three couples examine the ups & downs of their relationships.

It is definitely a Hip-Hop version of Why Did I Get Married? Three different perspectives on relationship issues.

13. “Whatever U Want G.O.O.D. Vs. Bad MegaMix” (Co-Starring Kanye West, P.Diddy, John Legend, Common, Kid Cudi & The LOX)

Cast: Consequence, Kanye West, P. Diddy, John Legend, Common, Kid Cudi & The LOX
Director: Kanye West
Genre: Action/Romance/Posse Cut
Tagline: Listen to it and pick one!

Plot: An All-Star cast shows the game how it’s done!!!

With an All-Star Line up like this, immediately what comes to mind has got to be Ocean’s 11. If you think about it, the Remix was put together the same way George Clooney orchestrated the casino robbery… All to make a girl HAPPY!!!

And just like that, G.O.O.D. Music has arrived.

Stamp your box office ticket with G.O.O.D. Music, Nah Right & Universal Motown Present Consequence – Movies On Demand. Keep up with latest Cons TV action by following Cons on Twitter and ItsTheCons.com.

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