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As a staple in Houston’s forever flourishing, refreshingly independent Hip-Hop scene, Slim Thug has enjoyed worldwide success while remaining true to his deeply rooted Houston heritage. With his sophomore record on the horizon and a brand record label gracing his CD’s, Slim Thug took his show and his new artists on the road for a nationwide press tour, eventually landing in the backyard and woods of Kentucky. After nearly an hour long detour and many missed turns and phone calls later, TSS Crew’s Landon A. sat down with the Boss of all bosses to discuss everything from Houston to codeine cultures, his newly signed artists and his forthcoming album, all over a few drinks and a fish sandwich.

TSS: Slim Thugga! What’s good? It’s been a while since you’ve been in the spotlight, it was about 2005 when you dropped Already Platinum, what have you been up to?

Slim Thug: Aw man, trying to put my team on man put my other artists on my Boss Hogg Outlaw label out. You know, build up the brand and all that. And at the same time go from one label to another; go from a major back to an independent. That’s what’s been taking up my time.

TSS: How’s the game changed since then?

Slim Thug:
Man it’s changed a lot; you know a lot of people don’t hardly sell no records hardly no more you know what I’m saying? That’s definitely changed, which influenced me from leaving a major label. People always tell me “you crazy, you over there at Interscope, there’s no way I would have left” but if I’m at Interscope and I ain’t making no money then what am I over there for? They’re a big record label and can do a lot but if they ain’t doing it then I’d rather be at a smaller company where I get more attention and can make more money off of each CD.

Is it more important to you to focus on the target audience the label’s trying to push your record to or the people who’ve been riding with you since your Swishahouse days?

Slim Thug:
Man that’s a good one, but honestly I don’t try to really cater to nobody. I kind of just do what I want to do man and that’s just me. If a person tells me they want me to rap a certain kind of way, naaah. I mean I’ll definitely listen and try to give them what they want, but at the same time I want to satisfy them and myself and show that I can do a little more than just that type of music. So I definitely don’t go in there with a mind frame of let me do it like this, I just go in there and do what I do and hopefully  you’ll like it. That’s how I do it every time.

TSS: What is it that makes Houston’s Hip-Hop scene different from that of any other state? Especially other southern states.

Slim Thug:
It’s crazy in Houston man! It’s just a hard market to break, it’s just everybody in Houston I guess feels like they’re superstars that don’t rap (Laughs) you know what I’m saying? So it’s hard to please someone who thinks they’re cool too. Houston’s just on their own little style or whatever, they do the slow music, they don’t do dancing you know so it’s kind of tough to break in that market.

TSS: Houston artists are especially known for working together, it seemed like in 2005 when you and Paul [Wall] and Mike [Jones] and Chamillionaire all dropped you were all working together, but right now we’re not seeing a lot of that.

Slim Thug:
Well on my album that’s definitely what’s going on. I’m working with everybody you just named and more. Everybody from Scarface to UGK to Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire to Z-Ro. You know I’m trying to cover all aspects of Houston music but the reason it got like that, which was another reason I wanted to leave the majors, was they got so greedy they wouldn’t even let us work together. They wouldn’t clear me to get on a Paul Wall album, they wouldn’t clear me to get on Mike Jones’ single or nothin’ and you know that’s how we came in the game and they trying to stop us from working together? Like that didn’t make sense to me, you know it was just them being greedy.

TSS: Do you think the effect of Pimp C’s death has had a negative impact on Houston’s hip-hop scene?

Slim Thug:
I mean we’re going to hold it down for Pimp C man, if not me then Bun B and everybody else in the city man. But we ain’t ever going to let that die, UGK will forever be known as the legends out of the south but It’s not just Pimp C, I mean a lot of people have passed away out of Houston and that’s just kind of like a curse we’ve got. We’ve got so many different artists, you know that’s passed from Houston: Big Moe, Fat Pat, Big H.A.W.K. It’s messed up you know but it’s real. So, all we can do is keep the music going and hold down the legacy and don’t let nobody’s name die.

Do you think the codeine culture is going to fade out of Houston’s legacy because of all the exceptional artists it’s taken from the game?

Slim Thug:
For one I don’t really think that was the whole thing that took a lot of these peoples lives, I know people think that and it probably had something to do with it but them people is not about to stop drinkin’ (Laughs), you can just forget it. And people are going to rap about it because it’s what’s going on but they just not going to stop. They say everybody died from that but you know there’s probably a lot of other stuff behind the scenes. It never really shook somebody to the point where they’ll stop doing it you know?

TSS: I hear you’re not working with Pharrell on this new joint and he did a majority of Already Platinum, it was actually released on his Star Trak label wasn’t it?

Slim Thug:

TSS: Is there any bad blood there?

Slim Thug:
Nah there’s definitely no bad blood. When I signed at Geffen/Interscope, Jimmy Iovine, the CEO at Interscope, his formula was to put the new artist with the hot producer so that’s how that came about. But I was never directly signed to Star Trak. When you do more than three or four records with a producer then it becomes an imprint deal, you know, the producer puts his imprint on there. So, Pharrell just backed me 100%. Pharrell is my homeboy, we’re definitely going to work together in the future, I just had to get away from Interscope.

So who’s handling the beats on Boss Of All Bosses?

Slim Thug:
Boss Of All Bosses, you know Jim Jonson produced the single, and he did two more records for me. I just wanted to bring that Houston culture back so I worked with cats like Mr. Lee, Mr. Rogers, Big Time. You know, basically cats from my city who are the shit down there. I just want to bring them everywhere and try to put them on the way they helped put me on or whatever. Mannie Fresh and [Don] Cannon are on there too but a majority of my album is with producers out of Houston.

TSS: Since you’re crammed onto a van for the next month or so, what are you listening to?

Slim Thug: (Laughs) Maaan I got an iPod with over 21,000 songs! So I could be listening to anything from The Gap Band to The Recession you know…(Laughs)…it’s that wide spread. When we’re on the road there’s no telling what I’m listening to. I just listen to anything that’s out, artists like T.I., Lil’ Wayne, I’m waiting on Rick Ross’ album to come out, I buy everybody’s stuff.

Are you riding with Rick Ross’ or 50’s album when they drop?

Slim Thug: (Laughs) I’m going to buy both of their albums, I’m just enjoying the show! Rick Ross is rapping at his best and 50’s jamming too and on top of that he’s a comedian!

TSS: Yeah and he took Ricky’s baby momma out to get some furs!

Slim Thug:
(Laughs) That’s crazy. I’ve been watching those Curly episodes, this dude is really insane, he’s funny as hell.

TSS: Anything you want to say about the upcoming album?

Slim Thug: Boss Of All Bosses in stores March 24th, go get it!

Slim Thug’s sophomore solo album Boss Of All Bosses will be available nationwide on March 24th courtesy of Boss Hogg Outlawz/E1 Music. For more information on Slim Thug and the rest of the Boss Hogg Outlawz, visit and join their official online community Immahogg today!

As an additional bonus, here’s the remix to the Jim Jonsin-produced “I Run” featuring Chamillionaire, Z-Ro and Yelawolf.


Slim Thug Feat. Chamillionaire, Z-Ro & Yelawolf – I Run (Rmx) (Clean Edit)

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