TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Rittz

11.29.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Ever since he ripped his verse for Trunk Muzik’s “Box Chevy Pt. 3,” Rittz has been on an absolute tear. I can honestly say I haven’t heard a single bad verse from the bearded beat-bully since first hearing his voice in 2009 and his White Jesus mixtape from earlier this year still stands as one of 2011’s best releases. So when I found out Yelawolf’s Hard White Tour featuring Rittz would be hitting New Orleans, I wanted to take the opportunity to interview the Gwinnett County MC and find out as much about him as possible. Thankfully, Rittz was more than happy to oblige, giving a candid interview on his upbringing, motivation and exactly how close he came to quitting the whole game. We also got some words from Yelawolf, who’s clearly one of Rittz’s biggest fans and went out of his way to accommodate the cameras the whole night. You can really tell he wants his buddy to win.

The video was shot by the reigning NOLA Underground Hip-Hop Awards Videographer of the Year recipient Bmike of 2cent, who did a brilliant job of capturing everything and really taking you backstage and on stage with Yela and Rittz. Special shout out to Scender for setting the whole thing up.

Take a look at the video and get to know someone that’s bound to be everywhere by this time next year.

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