TSS Presents The Pack Vol. 2

By: 12.06.09  •  28 Comments

Since we had decent fun and success with Volume 1, we figured we would ahead present The Pack Volume 2 to share tracks that crossed our radar over the past week. No real method to the madness as there’s tracks from Wafeek, Alley Boy, Buff, a Santigold remix of Norah Jones, young old Juvie, Luda, Philadelphia Freeway…you get the picture. Wait no more. Enjoy & RMF!

Wafeek & Sum Difference – Alien Gang Signs

Alley Boy – Takin’ Bricks

Ayomari Feat. TiRon – Everything Is Fine

Buff1 – Photographs (Prod. by Rhettmatic)

Olivia Broadfield – Hang On

Live Feat. Wiz, Q-Billah, Khallee and Chekk Famous – Shoe Fly (Remix)

Juvenile – Back Back

Ludacris – Turnt Up (Freestyle)

Black Thought – The Professional (Unreleased)

Freeway – Love Is A Battlefield

KiD CuDi – Cudderisback

Norah Jones – Chasing Pirates (Santigold & Snotty Remix)

Playboy Tre – Last Call

Download — TSS Presents The Pack Vol. 2 | Alt. Link

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