PoV: Tupac + Jasmine Guy

05.17.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

While locked up in 1995, Pac received his fair share supporters from celebrities like Tony Danza, Mike Tyson and Madonna. One in particular who dared to walk inside the belly of the beast was Dwayne Cleophus Wayne’s ol’ lady, Whitley Gilbert. Here, Penitentiary Pac poses with Jasmine Guy while wearing his government-issued garments and a pair of Filas on his feet. ’95 fresh. Eat your heart out.

And here’s another Pac/Jasmine fun fact for the road. Before beginning his prison sentence and after infamously checking himself out of the hospital a day after his November 1994 shooting, Shakur stayed at Jasmine’s house to recover.

H/T: Peak Blackness

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