How ‘Inside Edition,’ CNN and MTV News Reported Tupac’s 1994 Quad Studios Shooting

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“Don’t get caught up in the mix ’cause the media’s full of dirty tricks…”

Inside Edition’s take on Tupac’s 1994 shooting at Quad Studios can be summed up in three words. “He deserved it.”

The nearly four-minute clip aired a day following the shooting and dissects more of Pac’s previous brushes with the law than the actual attempt on his life. What’s funny are the small nuances that go into painting Pac as an uncaged and undomesticated animal. For instance, five seconds in, with the ominous music and Pac making the hand gesture of holding a gun. To the untrained eye and ear, it’ll appear as simply another visual of him boasting of violent conquests. In reality, however, the clip resides from the “Keep Ya Head Up” video, specifically the lyric, “It seems the rain’ll never let up/ I try to keep my head up, and still keep from gettin’ wet up…”

During his brief time in the limelight, there’s no secret Pac’s relationship with the media was as sensitive and combative as his own personality. Far from an angel in his own right, news reports such as Edition’s December 1, 1994, take on Shakur speak volumes into what a large chunk of the media’s perception was. He was thug. A hood rat. A trouble maker. A detriment to society offering no real redeemable qualities aside from guaranteed ratings stemming from the reporting of his pitfalls.

The fact that Bill O’Reilly appears at the end of the video adds a sweet sense of irony impossible to ignore, sort of like Eric Dickerson attempting to throw Johnny Manziel under the bus recently on Twitter.

After viewing Inside Edition’s take on the shooting, Pac’s life and trial, gauge the differences by comparing it to CNN and MTV’s coverages, both of which aired the same day.*

* – MTV actually focused on the shooting and how it pertained to his sexual assault case.

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