Tupac Facts: ‘Pac Was Set To Appear In A ‘Star Wars’ Movie

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Former chief engineer for Death Row Records Rick Clifford, who is credited with working with the likes of Michael Jackson, Peaches and Herb and New Edition, has been doing a series of interviews with a YouTube channel named 2PacForumChannel. During his storytelling, Clifford has let out a plethora of Death Row and Tupac anecdotes throughout all three of the videos posted thus far. There are a ton of random tidbits, but none are more interesting than this nugget: ‘Pac was allegedly up for the part of Mace Windu in the rebooted Star Wars trilogy, a part that eventually went to Samuel L. Jackson.

In any argument about where ‘Pac (and any other slain or passed away artist) would be and what he’d be doing in this day and age, it has long been my belief that he would be acting full-time and almost never rapping. At the time of his death Tupac was already four albums into his career, including one double disc, with another set to be released in just two months time. During that same period ‘Pac was in seven feature films, three released after his death, and according to Clifford there were bigger roles on the horizon.

Star Wars Episode I would eventually have a box office total of over a billion dollars, and when you’re a part of a billion dollar franchise you tend to stick around a bit. With that kind of exposure its perfectly reasonable to believe that his rapping days would have been close to over, as Pac may have shifted to being a full-time thespian.

Of course, there’s no way to know just how his acting career would have went, or where it would have taken him, but it would have been fun to see ‘Pac swing a light saber and sit next to Yoda.

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