Turk Talks Cash Money: We Were All Kissing Each Other

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06.15.14 28 Comments

Looks like Turk is back in the news in the only way he can really make news right now: by talking about Cash Money.

Today’s topic of discussion? The infamous kissing between his former labelmates Baby and Lil Wayne.

“That’s just something n****s did in-house. Just like when n****s play basketball, n**** might make a shot, n**** hit him on his ass. That don’t mean he a f*g, that means ‘good job.’ We all used do that s**t. That was an in-house thing. N***** used to be like, ‘You got love for a n***a? How much you love me?’ It just was a homeboy thing.”

Much of what Turk tells VladTV has already been heard before. That it was a mafia type thing. That it wasn’t “on no gay shit,” but more of a father-son bond. Turk even admits that he used to partake in the smooching, but he’s clear in stating that all the lip-locking never included Juvenile, who Turk says “didn’t look at Baby the way we did” because he was older.

I’m still amazed that Wayne was able to overcome this and have his biggest success after the fact. It’s like Rick Ross, the correctional officer, but multiplied tenfold given how openly homophobic rap is. I’m also a little creeped out about Baby apparently being predatory with kids like Vee from Orange Is The New Black. Hearing stuff like this puts a different twist on a very suspect bar on “#1 Stunna” and the Sandusky-esque vibe to Baby and Wayne’s appearance in the “Slow Motion” video.

But, whatever, to each his own I guess. Well, except for Juvie. He didn’t play that sh*t.

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