The Oxford Dictionary Added “Twerk” After Whatever Miley Cyrus Did

08.28.13 4 years ago 16 Comments

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Thanks to whatever Miley Cyrus did on the VMAs the other night, the Oxford Dictionary is adding the word “twerk” to its Oxford Dictionary Online.

This might not have directly resulted from Cyrus, but we can only assume that her performance warranted its selection. Other words joining “twerk” include “emoji” (which this author recently figured out how to use), “fauxhawk,” “guac,” “jorts” (AJ, where you at, playboy?), and “derp.”*

Quartz is quick to note, however, that these words will only be added only to the ODO and not the esteemed Oxford English Dictionary, which includes words based on their historical records of usage. The ODO records words that are popular now. So don’t expect to see ol’ Hannah Montana’s face plastered next to “twerk” in the college library anytime soon.

Peep the partial list of ODO’s newest entries in Quartz link above. And then remove all included words from your daily usage.

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* – Oxford defines “derp” as “speech that is meaningless or stupid,” but really I just equate it with Deadspin’s Tim Burke’s “derp” faces that make me howl with laughter.

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