With Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘$ign Language’ Comes New Set Of Expectations

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Twelve months ago, Ty Dolla $ign released Beach House 2. The tape came with its own bundle of expectations given not only the popularity of its predecessor, but as important, the work Ty had accomplished alongside other artists from both feature and songwriting perspectives.

BH2 was a success, producing both monetary and exposure profits.

Outlets in the vein of VICE and The New York Times took notice. Ty’s unique blend of harmonizing, creativity and, more often than not, outright ribald soulfulness further solidified themselves as his calling cards. By the time his Beach House EP crash landed in January fueled by records like a revamped version of his biggest single to date, “Paranoid,” and the social media favorite catchphrase, “Or Nah,” California’s new generation street-hardened harmonizer was no longer a West kept secret.

Ty’s managed to elevate the notoriety and mystique surrounding his career with each release, a feat anything but common in his line of work. Thus leaving Cali’s go-to crooner at a crucial point in his career’s seemingly ascending trajectory. Appearances on YG and Trey Songz’s albums (both features show two polar opposite sides of his personality), songwriting credits on B.o.B.’s “Headband,” Jennifer Lopez’s “Girls” and an undeniable 2014 staple, Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” litter Ty’s resume since January.

$ign Language’s brings its own degree of anticipation. Much of which Ty has never shied away from embracing. “It’s gonna be crazy. It’s coming out on the 21st of this month. So much good s**t. I got Wiz on there, French Montana, Yo Gotti, RJ, Fabolous, Big Sean, Mike Posner, Jeremih, Dom Kennedy, Juicy J,” he told VibeVixen earlier this month. “It’s a mixtape so I got a mix of s**t going on. I gotta bring everybody to my world and we went stupid.”

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Not as much reserved as its been consistent, Ty Dolla $ign’s rise to the present moment has been an intriguing watch, especially as the coast as a whole continues pump out talent in surplus amounts. The ideal setup for his forthcoming debut album, Free TC (an ode to his brother serving life in prison, but is also featured on SL), is Language piggybacking and topping the success his previous two projects birthed.

An artist needing to achieve a certain level of acclaim to increase momentum for the next stage of their career? That’s not exactly the most groundbreaking conclusion in the world. It’s not meant to be. With Ty$, the surface-level answer is as transparent as the clothes of the female admirers he croons about: follow his own blueprint to unlock the doors previous works have created keys for.

The days of Ty Dolla recording with Pac Div are long gone. New fans came aboard, new business opportunities arose, older fans put in their two week notice, older acquaintances became ghosts of years past and day one supporters remain down for the long haul. He’s a bigger star now than he was a year ago. And the year before that. Pending $ign Language delivers and paves a yellow brick road for Free TC, music’s version of photosynthesis (building a following “organically” only to watch it spawn) marches forward.

Such is the spread Ty Dolla $ign’s made for himself. Pressure, well, we know what the old adage preaches about pressure and pipes. Consider it the nature of the beast when creating the soundtrack to people’s summers and capricious weekend escapades is your job description.

Expectations are a motherf*cker. But they’re also the rarest gemstone of beauty when harnessed into tangible results. Ty Dolla, this is your life. And this is $ign Language’s forecast. Whenever it drops.

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