Tyga Allegedly Owned Illegal Tiger, Got Busted For It

04.26.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

Under California law, it’s illegal to own the following animals as pets: monkeys, Madagascar weavers, platypuses and tigers.

Los Angeles rapper Tyga, in keeping with his moniker, allegedly owned an 100-pound Bengal tiger, which he kept in his Ventura County home, until an anonymous tip forced him to give it up.

From NBC4 Los Angeles:

When the warden responded, the 7-month-old male Bengal tiger was nowhere to be found.

Officials staked out the home for seven hours until Tyga, or Michael Ray Stevenson, returned home at 11 p.m., department spokesman Andrew Hughan said.

When they questioned the rapper about his exotic pet, Tyga told them he took it to a Ventura County shelter earlier that day, Hughan said.

The Young Money emcee claims he had no idea that owning the large cat was illegal in the state. After he dropped the pet off at the shelter, which he shouldn’t have because the shelter’s a place for actual domesticated animals–not something that can rip someone’s face off–state authorities delivered it to a “secure location.” According to Hughan, the tiger was in good shape when the department retrieved it.

Despite his ignorance, owning the animal is a misdemeanor that carries fines and a jail sentence of up to six months.

For what’s it worth, the tiger did look very chill, which you can see below, not that it makes owning it any more legal.

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