Tyga Ft. 2Pac & Jadakiss – “Hit Em Up”

04.01.13 5 years ago 31 Comments

Tyga’s pron foray must’ve paid well. That’s the only plausible way to explain how T-Raw found a way to clear old verses from Tupac for the track “Hit ‘Em Up.” The newer version draws its title from Pac’s 1996 scathing diss but that’s where the comparisons end. Instead, Tyga and co-star Jadakiss focus their verses on showing solidarity with their homies as the chorus repeats “F*ck them other n*ggas, I’m down for my n*ggas.”

Both really just set the stage for the deceased West Coast rider’s verse. How does it sound, you ask? How do you think it sounds? Awkward as hell. Tupac’s “appearance” is a patchwork quilt made up of bars from numerous songs – “Thug 4 Life,” “Komradz,” “Po Nigga Blues,” “Thugs Get Lonely Too” and “Hennessy” – with Tyga’s bars spliced in to make it sound like they’re going back and forth.

At this rate, expect to see hologram Pac appear in the accompanying video for the song.

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