Tyga And Game Fire Shots Directly At Lil Durk, 40 Glocc On “Chiraq To LA”

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Let me just go ahead and say what I expected once I heard a preview of Tyga’s response record to Lil Durk. Nothing. Maybe a few barbs, a couple of laughs and that be the end of it. T-Raww’s never been confused with being a battle rapper or even lyrical for that matter. So to expect much more than the above mentioned would have been a stretch.

But, Durk must really have him irked because Tyga zoned all the way in with his verse on this “ChiRaq” freestyle, dubbed “ChiRaq To LA.”

“Know some Hoover n*ggas that’s down to ride
For a homicide, when it’s drama time
Niggas thinkin’ that they MCs
Can’t get touched, well it’s hammer time
Who the f*ck is Lil Durk?
I dust you like ash and purp
Your flow wack, my flow crack
Got marble floors, your floors crack
Got rap shit, mice traps
These n*ggas broke, need ankle wraps
Don’t ride around in LA, if you ain’t come on Jet with the strap…
You’re a real one, I owe you
Shot at them n*ggas when you heard the news
If your daughter ever need something, don’t hesitate I got you
Posted up on sunset at the House Of Blues like it’s all cool
Might get trapped in Vegas too, might call Mally Mall he will B.I.G you
I might be in Bel-air, still got niggas in the field
20 million, LK real…
…My Maybach cost 2 chickens, you ain’t got one? Don’t talk my language
I’m king shitting on yo bitch
Southpaw and we in the gym
Tryna be a baller? End up like Flip on Above the Rim
You too small like Smigo
I’m swatting the mosquito
I’ll put you under the earth now it’s a garden on your tombstone
You shit stain teenagers, barely teething on hundos
I’ll hold you like the slave you are, all my whips mayo
You from Illinois? I’ll bring the noise
You ain’t platinum? Don’t talk to me. Grammy nominated? Don’t talk to me
20 Million? Don’t talk to me
It’s levels to this shit boy, you basement? Don’t talk to me
You want the fame? I’ll take your name and that weak bitch you fall asleep with”

Well hot damn, Tyga. Go ‘head with yo’ bad self.

reno 911

Here’s the thing though. Tyga’s not exactly in a lose-lose situation but he can’t win no matter how this plays itself out.

As rap careers go, Tyga’s very much established at this point. He’s managed to acquire the paper, the co-signs, a listening crowd and the proper label situation. For any MC, those things are enviable. Battling Durk will gain him a small measure of respect – like he just did here – but nobody’s really giving a sh*t about two kids in the special class fighting each other.

Durk, on the other hand, has next to nothing and everything to gain here, which Tyga acknowledges throughout his verse. No matter his age, Durk’s still a kid who’s earning his stripes and he stands to gain a couple by knocking off Tyga. And if he can’t outrap Tyga, which direction to we expect Durk to take things next with Tyga spitting off guntalk, a native tongue for Durk and the rest of the Chi-town drill kids.

Exactly. And that’s especially true when Tyga’s reciting lines on violence that we know damn well he’s not the least bit serious about backing up, which he shouldn’t since this is just rap.

So, Tyga, good work here but I’d leave it at one response and be done. At this point, Durk’s effectively been sent back to go lick his wounds. Take your newly earned stripe, which Durk said you’d never have, and don’t look back.

Oh yeah, Game’s verse is ferocious, ripping about 40 Glocc once again and spazzing for damn near two straight minutes.

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Cred: HHNM Lyrics: RG

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