Tyga’s ‘Stimulated’ Video With Kylie Jenner Just Proves He’s A Creep

08.31.15 2 years ago 55 Comments

Words By Garfield Hylton

One would think in a weekend where Kevin Gates kicked a woman in the chest, the f*ckboy power rankings were set for the week. Nope. Tyga just had to make a push for the top spot after not only possibly rapping about having sex with Kylie Jenner while she was underage on his song “Stimulated,” but making a goddamned video where she’s the main love interest. In truth, I shouldn’t be upset at anything Tyga does and I’m not. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to comment on what he’s doing. And what he’s doing is indefensible.

Before I address Tyga, something needs to be made clear. What Tyga is doing with Kylie isn’t pedophilia. Pedophilia is someone having a sexual attraction to children and, as a medical diagnosis, the disorder cuts the age off at 13. Allegedly, Kylie was 17 (I hope) when Tyga started having relations with her. What Tyga’s relationship with Kylie does speak to is the problematic ways men view women and women’s sexuality.

Feminista Jones, a sex-positive writer who’s written about Tyga and Kylie’s relationship, illustrated the mind state which might be pushing Tyga’s attraction to Kylie. “If society decides that a woman loses value with each man she has sex with, the more valuable women are those who have had fewer partners…Youth becomes prized to the point where young girls are desired even when the laws tell men they can’t ‘have’ them,” Jones wrote. “[In] wanting to the be the first and only, then, becomes a marker of ‘manhood.’ She calls this form of masculinity “toxic” and say it’s “fueled by patriarchal standards and acceptance of girls as objects used primarily to assert manhood.”

tyga kylie jenner stimulated new video

In short, Tyga is such a hoe ass dude whose manhood can only be fulfilled by taking advantage of a teenage girl who hasn’t lived long enough to know her boyfriend is the lamest motherf*cker to ever grace the Internet’s presence. While Tyga is looking at Kylie like she’s his life’s greatest achievement, Kylie is going to look back on her time with Tyga like “What in the hell was I doing wasting my time with a grown man who claims to be from “Rack City” but gave me a hand’-me-down birthday gift?”

Another salient part of all this is, who is letting this guy into the studio? Not only can son not rap worth a damn, but his insistence on dropping new music nobody asked for should indicate just how much this dude refuses to take “no” for an answer. The homie @the_blueprint said Tyga “was the first person to make a love song, who should be shot.” I don’t understand who’s still letting this guy into the studio. If someone put a gun to my head and told Tyga to spit a hot 16 to save my life, I’d ask the gunman to shoot me in the face, because listening to him rap before I die would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

One needs to think on this. Tyga lied about a relationship with an underaged girl and the minute she became legal aged, he wrote a song AND shot a video “confessing” that he slept with her while she was underaged and (now) he doesn’t give a shit. Remember, Tyga told the rest of the world Black people were tripping because “in Black culture, if you hang around someone, you’re smashing them, with white people, white culture, it’s different. You’re really friends.”

What Tyga really meant to say, was white people didn’t know who the hell he was so any news regarding him being with Kylie was mostly their confusion at his existence in the first place. Tyga was aware Black Twitter knew he supposedly was having sex with that girl and, instead of just punting the question, he tried to deflect. I understand what he did, but it doesn’t make what him any less of asshole when considering why he did it.

Real talk, Tyga just might need the shit slapped out of him for all of this.

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