A Preview Of Tyga’s Highly Anticipated Response To Lil Durk’s Diss

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05.04.14 53 Comments

The very much cared about Lil Durk vs Tyga beef is underway as Tyga previews his “Who The F*ck Is Lil Durk?” diss.

Know some Hoover n*ggas that’s down to ride for a homicide when it’s drama time
Niggas thinkin’ that they MCs
Can’t get touched well it’s hammer time
Who the f*ck is Lil Durk
I dust you like ash & purp
Your flow wack
My flow crack
Got marble floors
Your floors crack

Update: Durk responds.

Update #2: Tyga’s full song, “Chiraq To LA,” is out now. Go here to give it a listen.

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