Five Interesting Thoughts On Tyga, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne’s “Senile” Video

04.17.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Five thoughts on this video:

1. If the Young Money album was pressed onto something cotton-y instead of a disc, I’d say I’d be better off wiping my a$$ with it. But since compact discs would probably cause some scarring I’ll just say the album sucked pretty badly. “Senile,” though, goes.

2. Correction: the last two-thirds of “Senile” go because Tyga still has no redeeming quality as an artist for me. He’s just there. He’s not particularly bad but he’s damn sure not good. He’s just there. It’s like when you see Chris Dudley on an NBA roster and you say out loud, “he’s still in the league…why?!” If Jalen Rose could come up with a “keep collecting them checks” roster of rappers, Tyga would be starting point guard.

3. Nicki Minaj has been looking delectable ever since she started looking more like a human and less like a Powerpuff Girl. Wait, were Powerpuff Girls technically human? They were like test tube faux-Anime girls right? I don’t feel like Googling because facts are overrated. The point is, Nicki Minaj doesn’t have a lot of clothes on. Also, she’s been rapping her rump off lately, in case you’ve missed it. I like her verse here. And finally, butts. What? Who said that?

4. Lil Wayne bodies his verse. Without a doubt. As someone who hasn’t been impressed with either of the last two Carters or much of anything Wayne has dropped in the last few years, I can say that I’m looking forward to Carter V.

5. Look, a Young Money video and nobody took a dump on Huey P. Newton’s grave or called themselves Young James Earl Ray or wore a KKK hood with Nazi symbols on it so we can all breathe easy. Way to go, YMCMB.

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