Amar’e Got Dunked On By…Tyler Hansbrough?

03.16.11 7 years ago 39 Comments

This is not an optical illusion folks.

UNC alum Tyler Hansbrough went from being a top college player to yesterday’s news as soon as he donned a Pacers uni. Things didn’t look well for Larry Bird’s golden boy with his underwhelming play throughout his rookie and much of his sophomore year. Pundits and fans alike, including myself, swore he couldn’t make the pro transition and end up as a mid-level player at very best. Nevertheless, Psycho T’s been on a bit of a hot streak all March and dropped back to back career highs in points on the Knicks. Has Tyler finally arrived in Indiana’s system or is this a case of good ‘ol fashioned overachieving? Indiana would obviously like to believe the former as they hold on to 8th place with a 29-38 record, and a half game lead, over Charlotte.

The following vid is easily the best play of Tyler Hansbrough’s pro career. Bear witness as Tyler pushed Amar’e’s glasses in all while he slammed home two of his 30 points. I like how Stoudemire’s body language basically said “I don’t know what yall lookin at” when he inbounded the ball with the whole team gawking at him. Then they appeared all kinds of dumbfounded as Indiana went on a run.

Indiana added insult to injury by beating NY 119-117 off the following game winning J by Danny Granger. Closing out for the W is all well and good, but with that in mind, let’s convince ourselves that Hansbrough’s one shining moment was the difference in Indiana’s two point victory – capping back to back wins on NY.

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