Tyler The Creator And A$AP Rocky Go Absolutely Nuts Over A ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Track In Their ‘What The F*ck Right Now’ Freestyle

03.03.16 2 years ago 9 Comments

Tyler the Creator has never been known for his quiet humility, but he seems extra aggy on his new verse over Kanye West’s “Freestyle 4” instrumental. The video for “What The F*ck Right Now” features A$AP Rocky, and the usual Golf Wang suspects going crazy in the studio as Tyler flexes on detractors, counts his accomplishments, and sarcastically doles out advice as he settles into a new role: experienced vet. A$AP Rocky playing the new aged Puffy to Tyler’s B.I.G. is a surprisingly satisfying twist.

The video recalls the early days of OFWGKTA, when a group of irreverent teens began to forge their own path and were able to accomplish things way beyond expectations, but not beyond their dreams. As wild as they are, there is logic and meticulous planning involved in every piece of this movement, which grew from D-I-Y mixtapes and flourished into yearly festivals, TV shows, apps, and a increasingly broad reach that has had a marked influence on culture in hip-hop and beyond.

The A$AP and Tyler pairing on tour was interesting to me for a number of reasons, but mostly because I wondered if they would find more kinship in their unusual entry points to hip-hop or if their vast differences in both personality and style would be the source of friction. It appears that the duo and their respective crews have more in common than what we see on the surface. Let’s see if anymore collaborations are on the way.

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