Tyler The Creator – “Yonkers” Video

02.11.11 7 years ago 51 Comments

Ever listen to a piece of music or watch a clip and don’t understand the righteous zeal others associate with it? My relationship with Tyler’s “Yonkers” works that way. Chess said “shock and awe,” but I wasn’t shocked or awed at all. I watched. He ate a prop cockroach, a bloody nose and hung himself at the end of the clip. Uhm, Bushwick Bill got shot in the eye after an Everclear-fueled binge then lived to produce the “Ever So Clear” song & video centered around the incident. Now that was some shocking sh*t.

The PR labeled it “extraordinary” but I shall not indulge in said Kool-Aid. The beat’s nice and the video is shot well but those are the only positives I can make. I don’t have trouble grasping the whole, they’re misunderstood, bad punks angle and relating to it because we all once were. However, we’re now stuck in an age where rap’s boring so everything labeled as “different” inadvertently becomes “great,” especially when the media & fans (read: white folks & black kids who got bullied in school) feel threateningly entertained or amused by it. No shots @ Tyler or OFWGKTA but my plate only has enough room for one trickster and I see why other artists on the grind feel shunned when mediocre music gets highlighted and pom-poms raised for efforts like “Yonkers.” The track isn’t basura, but…maybe I wasn’t high enough when I watched the sh*t.

Still, the kid is funny as sh*t on Twitter and I’m glad he’s doing music instead of possibly beating up midgets then submitting the videotaped clip to WSHH. And I do think the whole Odd Future collective has an uncanny approach that’s already more refined than many. So I’ll keep watching and listening, waiting until the musical part of their act is fully polished.

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