Tyrone Briggs – “SPARTACUS” x “COLD”

10.17.13 4 years ago

tyrone briggs spartacus

Curiosity led me to click play on Tyrone Briggs content. I wanted to chuckle because his named sounded so close to Tyrone Biggums. At the least, I figured I could sit back and laugh at the thought of Chappelle’s crackhead character rapping. Halfway through “SPARTACUS,” the joke was on me since Briggs pummels the track.

By the time, he delivered the lines “How could you appreciate Jesus if you was raised on Koran, How could you appreciate Jordan if you were raised on Lebron” I pretty much conceded victory him, deciding that he won me over and was getting mentioned here. The second track, “COLD,” lacks a little on the production end, but Briggs authoritative delivery does enough to distract attention away from the beat.

All in all, not a bad showing for an upstart who’s soon to drop his Scattered Thoughts EP on October 29th.

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