Tyrone Briggs – “Loser”

11.06.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Tyrone Briggs -Loser

“Loser” is a new Tyrone Briggs track that takes the route less traveled to make its points. First and foremost, the teenage me applauds any usage of Beck’s self-deprecating tune as the framework but Briggs owns his reworked version through his rapid delivery and themed lines that take shots at those living a fantasy life. Each character developed in the verses represents the antithesis of what Briggs represents and hopes to bring to music.

Even though he’s still a wee bit rough around the edges, Tyrone’s intentions are definitely good and the skills are there. That means smoothing thing out is the only step that remains to move the NY rapper to his final destination.

Watch for his Scattered Thoughts EP when it becomes available next week on November 12.

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