UNDRCRWN’s ‘Hoops On Film Collection’ Is For People Who Love The ’90s

09.19.13 4 years ago 11 Comments


UNDRCRWN had me at “hello” the moment their press e-mail said they were merging basketball, classic hoop film moments and fashion. It’s like pop culture nostalgia on steroids.

Always neck deep in the culture of sports, the brand taps into several key films for the newest line of shirts. 1992’s White Men Can’t Jump – featuring the flawed, yet unstoppable duo of Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle – receives the honor with the “Brotherhood Tournament Champions” tee.

Meanwhile, ’94’s Above The Rim births a shirt yours truly has desired for close to 20 years now when I really thought Kyle Lee Watson was going to Georgetown to share a back court with Allen Iverson, a “Shoot Out 54 Tournament Champions” shirt.

It would’ve been dope to see CRWN pay homage to Neon and Butch McRae from Blue Chips, but the “Eastside Hustlers” (R.I.P. Prop Joe) and “Best Of The West” tees from Season 1 of The Wire are more than acceptable replacements (even though the series first aired in 2002). Out of respect for my guy Avon Barksdale, though, I couldn’t be caught in Eastside anything. The scene where Marlo unknowingly visits Avon in jail is the reason why.

Interested in any of the designs, be sure to head to UNDRCRWN’s online headquarters and scoop a shirt (or all four) before it’s too late.





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